Program Sponsorship

Over the course of the year, MDS hosts a variety of joyous events and programs celebrating the personal and communal milestones of our students, our community, and K’lal Yisrael.
Please consider naming or sponsoring one or more of these important programs. Your support will directly enhance these educational experiences in and out of the classroom.
Early Childhood Rosh Chodesh Celebrations
Naming: $1,800; Sponsorship: $180
All Early Childhood children celebrate Rosh Chodesh together with their friends and enjoy songs, dancing, and chodesh-related foods.
Yom Hashoah Commemoration
Naming: $3,600; Sponsorship: $180
Students memorialize the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust with a candle-lighting ceremony and a guest speaker.
Yom Hazikaron Commemoration
Naming: $3,600; Sponsorship: $180 
Students honor the tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers and civilians who lost their lives for the State of Israel in a moving ceremony.
Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration
Naming: $3,600; Sponsorship: $180
Students celebrate the birth of the State of Israel with tefillah, dance, music and activities.
Continuing Education for Parents
Naming: $3,600; Sponsorship: $180
Parents are the key partners in the education of our students, and providing knowledge and tools to our parents is an investment in our children.
Guest Speaker Series
Naming: $3,600; Sponsorship (per speaker): $1800
MDS hosts a variety of guest speakers, including UN Ambassadors, Ministers of Kennesset, and scholars.

Chesed Program
Naming: $5,000; Trip sponsorship: $1,800
Students partake in communal acts of chesed during visits to Masbia Soup Kitchen, Veterans Hospital and Rachashei Lev (an organization supporting children with cancer).
Sephardic Education Lunch and Learn
Naming: $5,000; Sponsorship: $180
Rosh Chodesh student lunch and learn with Rabbi Ariel Cohen to infuse Sephardic education, minhagim, and traditions into the vibrant and diverse environment of Manhattan Day School.
Athletics Fund
Naming: $10,000; Sponsorship: $180 
The MDS Athletics Fund supports our student athletes and our teams. Go Mavericks!
Yachad Shabbaton
Naming: $10,000; Sponsorship $180
Yachad Members join with our 8th grade class for an inclusive weekend full of ruach, programs and socializing. This shabbaton is open to the entire Upper West Side community and is a pillar of our community events.
Names, Not Numbers
Holocaust Film Project and Community Event
Naming: $18,000; Sponsorship: $360
Students record the testimony of Holocaust Survivors and create a documentary as a lasting tribute to their struggles and heroism. The documentary is screened for the entire Manhattan community in May.

To sponsor or name a program or to discuss grade-specific sponsorship opportunities, please contact Allison Rubin at or  212-376-6800 x501.

Annually, Manhattan Day School raises funds for a variety of needs core to the mission and growth of our institution. The primary campaign, centered around the Annual Dinner, provides funding for the $1 million of financial aid distributed to families in need through our scholarship fund. Additionally, we offer sponsorship opportunities over the course of the year to enrich personal and communal milestones. We are grateful to all of our supporters and partners for their ongoing generosity!