Lower School

The nurturing, play-based environment in Early Childhood prepares students for the formal beginning of their academic careers. With the warm, caring guidance of our lower school faculty and administration, students learn to organize, prioritize, and manage their own learning. They begin to develop the core academic skills in Torah learning, literacy, numeracy, science and the arts that will serve as the foundation for advanced studies as they grow.

Students explore their studies through unique, interdisciplinary hands-on experiences and state-of-the art technology that helps to develop intellectual curiosity and promote creativity. Students are taught by teachers who reach beyond the parameters of the classroom to enrich, innovate and help foster a love for learning.

Our lower school also has a strong focus on social and emotional development. Within the classroom, our teachers select instructional resources and models in consonance with social-emotional learning goals, and are mindful of ensuring that recreational time outside of the classroom and collaborative learning opportunities assist students in developing a healthy sense of self and enriched interpersonal skills.