Early Childhood

Known for its warm and nurturing environment, the Early Childhood Department is a welcoming place for our youngest learners (toddlers through kindergartners) who are just beginning their educational journey. A walk through the second floor hallway offers a complete sensory experience: The sight of children bonding with teachers and making new friends, the sounds of singing voices, the smell of challah baking, and the sense of excitement that comes with learning new things.

Children leave our Early Childhood department as successful readers and writers, ready to tackle the first grade curriculum with confidence and enthusiasm. They are exposed to a great deal of Hebrew language and develop a love for Torah, mitzvot, and Israel. Students gain an appreciation for art, music, literature, science, and technology while developing friendships with their classmates. Classroom communities are created under the watchful and expert eyes of licensed Early Childhood educators.

Experiential educational programs include the Parshat Noach Petting Zoo, our own Thanksgiving Day Parade, raising and hatching of baby chicks, the 100th day of school, monthly Rosh Chodesh programs and celebrations of Jewish and national holidays throughout the year.