Lenore and Maurice Ades are exemplars of community leaders, modeling humility, service and dedication in all that they do for MDS and beyond. They are a core part of the fabric of MDS, always arriving at drop off radiating positivity, volunteering to lead class trips or plan parent events, and cheering on our MDS Mavericks with gusto and passion. Lenore and Maurice model the values we inspire to transmit to our students: pride in our identity as Jews and a commitment to our responsibilities to the Jewish community and the world at large.Our school is fortunate to have the Ades Family as committed partners and supporters.

Please click here to see our school’s tribute to Lenore and Maurice Ades.

Morah Aviva Yablok is a role model for all of her teachers and students, modeling the middot that we aspire to teach our children during their formative years at MDS.  Her 26 years as a teacher and Director in our Early Childhood department have been marked by her warmth, innovation, and love for Torah and Israel. Morah Aviva is indeed the “shoresh” -- the root -- of so much of our children’s education and values, and a proud partner in each of our children’s education.  We look forward to seeing her smiling face on the Second Floor again soon.

Please click here to see our school’s tribute to Morah Aviva Yablok.

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