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Josette and Alan Ades (Jesse and Ness Ades)
Lillie and Ronnie Ades (Jack and Lillie Maleh)
Zitta and Kenny Bander (Isaac, Jacob and Sarah Bander)
Judy and Steve Berman (Devorah, Elijah and Naomi Berman)
Nancy and Alberto Alvarez-Calderon (Daniella and Henry Bell)
Renee and Allan Danziger (Gabrielle Danziger)
Susan and Arthur Degen (Ayden, Nili and Noam Louzoun)
Miriam and Milton Dreisinger (Emanuel, Sophia and Ziv Melendrez-Dreisinger)
Suzy and Ulysses Dweck (Morris Dweck)
Joan and Les Erber (Ava, EJ and Finn Erber)  
Rella Feldman (Charles Hecht)
Hannah and Paul Freilich (Zachary Moerdler)
Debbie and Elliot Gibber (Charles, Isaac and Samuel Gibber, and Abby, Molly and Ruth Pfefferman)
Dennis Goodman (Judah Goodman)
Fran and Dovey Heller (Uriel Heller)
Deborah and Alan Kestenbaum (Leo Kestenbaum)
Robin and Brad Klatt (Emmanuelle Klatt)
Alice and Jacob Klein (Ari and Margot Werthenschlag)
George Klein (Asher and Nathaniel Silber and Regina Klein)
Sheryl and Akiva Kobre (Abigail and Ellie Kobre)
Rochelle and Freddy Kohn (Jonah and Levi Stein)
Golda Brown and Harry Krakowsky (Shirley Haber)
Davina and Isidore Kratka (Goldie and Shmuel Kratka)
Vivian and George Kuhl (Moshe and Sima Rosenthal)
Florence and Ephraim Laifer (Emmeline and Juliette Laifer)
Mitchell Leifer (Mickey Gelb)
Linda and Willy Lieberman (Alexandra and Emma Lieberman, and Kayla, Lily and Noah Schwebel)
Elaine and Scott Liebman (Jacob and Zachary Rubin)
Ruth and Martin Lockshin (Abigail and Elisheva Lockshin)
Gitel Louzoun (Ayden, Noam and Nili Louzoun)
Rachel and Michael Malkin (Annielle and Talia Malkin)
Beaty and Gary Menchel (Eli Menchel)
Dvora and Michael Nussbaum (Harry and Isaac Nussbaum)
David Ohayon (Ava, EJ and Finn Erber)
Elisa and Alan Pines (Alexandra and Emma Lieberman)
Sue and Jeff Rosenberg (Ava, EJ and Finn Erber)
Debbie and Mitchell Rosenfeld (Aryeh and Judah Offenbacher)
Carolyn and Rabbi Elli Rubin (Jacob and Zachary Rubin)
Eva and Manuel Sack (Miriam and Rebecca Sack)
Paula Gantz and Robert Salpeter (Judah and Joseph Lebwohl)
Esther and Dov Sherizen (Abraham and Ruth Sherizen)
Andrea and David Sherman (Charlie and Julian Grafstein)
Miriam and William Schreiber (Bella, Nicole and Ryan Schreiber)   
Leba and Rivie Schwebel (Kayla, Lily and Noah Schwebel)
Jody and Jay Shoulson (Neta and Zahava Wiznia)  
Ann and Pinky Sohn (Gabriel, Julian and Scarlett Sohn)
Doreen and Julian Solomons (Tova Solomons)
Helen Solomons (Tova Solomons)
Anne Sperling (Tova Solomons)
Samuel J. Sperling (Tova Solomons)
Lorraine and Ira Spiler (Emma and Mia Rapfogel)
Roz Spodek (Israel and Jerry Turkel)
Francine and Aaron Stein (Jonah and Levi Stein)
Trudy and Stanley Stern (Charles and Samuel Gibber, and Emmanuelle Klatt)
Aviva and Marvin Sussman (Evelyn Goldberg)
Margie and Robert Szerer (Simi Blumenfrucht)
Sharon and Saul Tawil (Jack Chehebar)
Esther and Edward Turkel (Israel and Jerry Turkel)
Carolann and Robert Wiznia (Neta and Zahava Wiznia)
Alissa and Samuel Zagha (Sammy Markoff)