Manhattan Day School Dress Code
Beginning in first grade, students should come to school appropriately dressed for an environment of teaching and learning. The basic principles underlying the MDS dress code are student safety and comfort, physically and socially and appropriateness for a makom Torah (a place in which Judaism is learned and lived).

All students grades 1-8 must wear a solid, collared shirt without logos. Grades 1-4 may wear white, light blue, and grey polos. Grades 5-8 may also wear navy blue and black polos. Sleeves may be short (half) or long; cap sleeves will not be permitted.
Sweaters and sweatshirts:
Students may wear any plain, solid-colored sweatshirt without logos, text, images/designs, or other decoration. Sweatshirts sold by Parent Council with the MDS logo are permitted. As a senior privilege acknowledging  their transition to high schools, our Eighth Grade students will be allowed to wear sweaters or sweatshirts with patterns only -- stripes, dots, etc. (No logos, text, images or pictures please!). 
Boys - Pants, Kippa, Tzitzit
Pants may be solid  navy blue or black. Jeans, joggers and sweatpants are not permitted.
Boys are expected to wear kippot and tzitzit at all times, including physical education, recess, trips, basketball games, etc.
Girls - Skirts, Jumpers, and Physical Education
Skirts and jumpers may be solid navy blue or black and reach at least mid-knee length.
Girls may way wear gym clothes for physical education only. Students are not permitted to leave the yeshiva wearing gym clothes (unless they are departing to a varsity game). 
Students’ footwear should enable them to participate in all school activities, including gym and recess. No clogs or sandals may be worn.
Hair & Makeup:
Students are not permitted to wear makeup in school.
Haircuts should reflect the values of our yeshiva.