Visual Arts

The Visual Fine Arts Program is an essential element of a complete and balanced education and designed to cultivate the skills and tools needed to access each students unique and creative potential. Students study ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, photography, video, filmmaking, and architecture. Other artistic disciplines such as performing arts, conceptual art, and textile arts that involve aspects of the visual arts are also taught. Classes visit and tour local art museums with their art instructor as a guide. Student artwork is featured in in our school hallways, on ceiling tiles around the school, and in our eighth grade collaborative digital stained glass windows in our Beit Midrash. Our Middle School art students’ Jewish Hall of Fame is on permanent exhibit at the Center for Jewish History.


Introducing music in the elementary school years helps foster a positive attitude toward learning, while building imagination and intellectual curiosity. Song permeates the halls of our Early Childhood and our greatly anticipated Early Childhood Rosh Chodesh sing-a-longs are sure to be a highlight for our younger students. Our Lower School music program teaches students music appreciation, theory, composition, and performance. They also practice interpreting and responding to classical music through movement, art, and conversation. Students learn to read a basic music score, play various instruments, recognize the instruments of the orchestra, and even write and perform their original pieces. Students are exposed to music at its highest standard by attending and performing at venues around New York City such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.