At Manhattan Day School, we have an innovative STEAM program that takes place in our state of the art Smartlab.  The program encourages and cultivates personalized learning and engages students of all ages. The Smartlab has a unique combination of hardware and software, furniture, equipment, construction kits, curriculum and assessments.  

Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to have weekly STEAM class. Students utilize technology, robotics and other resources to learn through discovery and inquiry in a hands-on manner.  Students develop and hone their critical thinking and problem solving skills by exploring topics such as coding, robotics, circuitry, alternative and renewable energy, computer graphics and much more.  Each of these units are differentiated for various grades and student needs.

Not only have students been able to learn Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics in SmartLab, but the SmartLab has also served as a vehicle to enhance other subjects as well. Having the Mishanyot of Sukkah come alive by animating Kosher Sukkot and non- Kosher Sukkot, as well as designing and printing Kosher Chanukiot on a 3D printer, in addition to other exciting projects.This space and program enables our students to have the opportunity to be the driving force behind their learning, become risk takers, problem solvers and to develop into the next generation of innovators.