Ballroom plus full access to kosher kitchen $5000 for a 4 hour minimum plus additional fees
Max capacity Sit Down Event: 440
Max capacity Buffet: 550

Classroom Space
$100 for a 4 hour minimum (only if the building is already rented)
Beit Midrash $1800 for a 4 hour minimum plus additional fees
Max capacity: 100+

Roof Space
Max Capacity: 220

Weekly Gym Package

$180 per night including additional fees
4 Hour Party Package:
$6000 for lobby, ballroom (Gym and Lunchroom combined), Kitchen, Rooftop and Beit Midrash for duration of the simcha plus additional fees 

** MDS families receive 10% off

Additional Fees:

Security: $200 per security agent for a 4 hour minimum with an additional $50 per hour after 4 hours.

Maintenance: Rate of $50 per person per hour with minimum of 4 hours. Minimum rate is $200 per event per person. 

**We reserve the right to determine the number of security and maintenance personnel required at each event.

Pleast contact Michelle Chrein at 212.376.6800 x 502 or for more information.