Frequently Asked Questions

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Is there a dresscode at MDS?

    Beginning in first grade, students should come to school appropriately dressed for an environment of teaching and learning. The basic principles underlying the MDS dress code are student safety and comfort, physically and socially and appropriateness for a makom Torah (a place in which Judaism is learned and lived).

    All students grades 1-8 must wear a solid, collared shirt without logos. Grades 1-4 may wear white, light blue, or navy blue. Grades 5-8 may also wear gray and black. Sleeves may be short (half) or long; cap sleeves will not be permitted.

    Students may wear any plain, solid-colored sweatshirt without logos, text, images/designs, or other decoration. Sweatshirts sold by Parent Council with the MDS logo are permitted.

    Boys - Pants, Kippa, Tzitzit
    Pants may be solid  navy blue or black. Jeans and sweatpants are not permitted.
    Boys are expected to wear kippot and tzitzit at all times, including physical education, recess, trips, basketball games, etc.

    Girls - Skirts, Jumpers, and Physical Education
    Skirts and jumpers may be solid navy blue or black and reach at least mid-length.
    Girls may way wear gym clothes for physical education only. Students are not permitted to leave the yeshiva wearing gym clothes (unless they are departing to a varsity game). 
    Students’ footwear should enable them to participate in all school activities, including gym and recess. No clogs or sandals may be worn.

    Hair & Makeup:
    Students are not permitted to wear makeup in school.
    Haircuts should reflect the values of our yeshiva.
  • Q: What is the birthday cut-off at MDS?

    The cut-off date at MDS is December 1st.
  • Q: Is MDS a co-ed environment?

    Boys and girls attend separate classes beginning in fourth grade. In sixth through eighth grade some classes, like Math and Lashon, are tracked and therefore include both boys and girls.
  • Q: Does MDS provide busing?

    MDS receives busing from the NYC Department of Education for students 5 and over. Bus stops are assigned based on bus route and distance to MDS.
  • Q: What kind of security does Manhattan Day School have?

    MDS uses a prestigious and private security firm to ensure that our students, both in school and on school trips, are safe and secure.
  • Q: Does my son have to wear a kippah and tzizit in Early Childhood?

    We require all boys ages three and up to wear a kippah and tzizit to school every day.
  • Q: Will Early Childhood students be able to nap in class?

    Nap time is embedded into the school schedule for our full day Toddler program.
  • Q: Do children have to be toilet trained to come to school?

    Yes, all students must be toilet trained by the time they enter Nursery 3.
  • Q: Does MDS serve healthy meals and snacks?

    At MDS, a healthy hot lunch is served every day and is included in the price of the tuition. We have an extensive salad bar featuring leafy greens, ripe tomatoes, legumes and composed salads, trans fat-free soups, whole grain bread and fresh fruit. We educate our students about the advantages to eating healthy and offer competitions and prizes to get them excited about living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Q: What kind of Special Education program does MDS have?

    Students travel from around the New York Metropolitan area to partake in our highly recognized Bridge program. Please see the special education section on our website for more information, or contact our Middle School Principal/Director of Bridge Program, Sharon Miller,
  • Q: How does MDS accommodate advanced students?

    MDS accommodates all learners. We strive to ensure that we offer advanced courses and differentiated instruction to guarantee our brightest students are challenged academically and spiritually.
  • Q: What kind of technology initiatives does MDS offer?

    Students in grades 6-8 are a part of our one-to-one iPad program which focuses on individual use of the iPad as an educational tool to enhance learning in the classroom.  Students in grades 1-5 have both an iPad cart and Chromebook cart accessible to them as teachers seem to fit.  We also have an iPad program for our Nursery 4 students as well as computers in our Kindergarten classrooms. Students in grades 1-8 have weekly classes in our state of the art Smartlab, where they utilize technology, robotics and other resources to learn through discovery and in a hands-on manner.
  • Q: Where do most MDS students go to High School?

    MDS is proud of our graduating seniors. Many of our students attend local Jewish High Schools such as SAR, Ramaz, Frisch, Ma'ayanot, Manhattan High School, TABC, MTA, Flatbush and others.
  • Q: What is the MDS policy on separating twins?

    Twins are often placed in the same class in Toddlers through Nursery 4 but can be separated at the parents' wishes. From Kindergarten through third grade, twins are usually separated so as to develop their own individual strengths and identities. From fourth through eighth grade, there is one class for boys and one for girls per grade. Twins of opposite sexes will be in different classes; twins of the same gender will be in the same class.