Parents Council: Mission and Organization

"Parents Council creates a sense of community in school among the parent body and enhances the experiences of our children, faculty and staff outside the classroom."

To volunteer please contact
Parents Council Presidents:
Meryl Degen
Julie Hausner

Vice Presidents
Odit Oliner
Adriana Sakkal

PC Chairs and Committee Descriptions

List of 9 items.

  • Mom's Night Out, Grades 1-3

    Adriana Sakkal-Zalta
  • Parent Liaisons

    Class Parents represent the Parents Council in their child(ren)’s classroom. Help us communicate with the families in your class, help parents in your class get to know one another, help coordinate thank yous, gifts or special presentations to the teachers.

    Early Childhood
    Toddler A: Leah Zicherman,
    Toddler B: Suzanne Azulay,
    N3A: Michal Bienstock,
    N3B: Mushka Efune,
    N3C: Tziporah Kalish,
    N4A: Elizabeth Schilowitz,
    N4B: Suri Rozner,
    N4C: Berenice Assouline,
    K5A: Marina Zelmanowitz,
    K5B: Jessica Morgan,
    K5C: Eliza Gibber,

    Lower School
    1A: Shana Block.
    1C: Ilana Prager,
    1E: Jackie Kotler,
    2A: Caroline Berman,
    2C: Ilana Ohayon,
    2E: Nava Silton,
    3A: Rachel Fredman,
    3C: Lenore Feit,
    4G1: Billie Zoldan,
    4G2: Nicole Pfeffermann,
    4B: Lenore Ades,
    5G1: Rachael Meisels,
    5G2: Hila Stern,
    5B1: Malki Perl,
    5B2: Lori Kolinsky,
    6G: Anda Avram,
    6B: Rachel Levine,
    7G1: Emily WEiss,
    7G2: Lisa Scharf,
    7B1: Julie Walpert,
    7B2: Amy Latkin,
    8G: Audrey Ehrmann,
    8B1: Sarah London,
    8B2: Julienne Dweck,
  • Chessed

    Brigitte Dayan, Julie Walpert, Nava Silton

    From providing meals for those in our MDS family going through life-changing events to organizing programs for Israeli/American soldiers, to sending gifts to our children who are sick, the work of this committee knows no bounds. Follow your heart and volunteer your time/efforts to help.
  • Comedy Night

    Billie and Dani Zoldan, Odit Oliner

    A fun fundraising night filled with good food, comedy and friends!
  • The Great Big Challah Bake

    Suzanne Azulay, Riki Damti, Rivka Wiznia

    The Great Big Challah Bake is a worldwide event that we partake in. It is a night for prayers and simcha!
  • Chanukah Boutique

    Anouche Billet, Ora Rapfogel, Sarra Schwartz

    Our annual Chanukah boutique is a one-stop shopping spot for all your Chanukah, hostess and Judaica gifts. Duties involve liaising with vendors as well as promoting and planning the event.

    Danielle R'bibo
    Rivka Kest
    Malki Perl
    Ora Rapfogel
    Esther Varon

  • Mishloach Manot

    Daniella Schwebel, Eliza Gibber, Alyson Goodman

    A school-wide Mishloach Manot program, committee members will help coordinate the items for the Mishloach Manot bags, publicize the program, create the Purim Press newsletter or tags for bags, and help stuff and distribute them at school before Purim.
  • Book Fair

    Ilana Prager, Lenore Ades, Rachel Meisels

    The Book Fair is an opportunity for parents, students, and teachers to discover new books and purchase them on-site, while the school gets a percentage of the proceeds. Help with ordering books, setup, sales, organization and breakdown is what we need most.
  • Box Tops

    Rivka Shoulson, Marc Wiznia

    Committee members help spread the word about collecting box tops from your favorite food items so that the school earns money. Volunteering involves promoting the program and events that go along with it (ie: ice cream parties for the class that collects the most box tops, etc.).