Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Manhattan Day School – Yeshiva Ohr Torah is an Orthodox yeshivah that has been providing quality N-8 Judaic and General Studies education since its founding in 1943. 
Our education philosophy is guided by our core principles:
-          Torah Values – We aim to nurture the spiritual character of our students with a love for and abiding commitment to Hashem rooted in Torah, Mitzvot and the entire Jewish people. Our goal is to engender motivation and enthusiasm to contribute to the Jewish community and broader society.
-          Educational Excellence – We are committed to fostering life-long learning in every student. We provide a thoughtfully crafted curriculum and intellectually dynamic learning experiences, focusing on mastery of skills and concepts. With a broad base of knowledge and tools to navigate the information age, our students will be inspired to value the pursuit of Judaic and general wisdom, scholarship and academic success.
-          The Whole Child – We strive to ensure the multifaceted development of the whole child, academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. We encourage our students to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.  We provide a personalized learning experience because each student has unique capabilities and learning styles. This will allow every student to develop a positive self image as they begin the journey toward emerging adulthood.
-          Middot -  We endeavor to imbue ethical refinement and Yirat Shamayim in our students.  Through example and study, we focus on Derech Eretz, sensitivity towards others, personal integrity and character development.  We emphasize open communication between teacher and student, enabling our students to confidently engage in the Jewish community and American society.
-          The Land of Israel – We believe in the historical and religious value of the State of Israel and endeavor to inspire a meaningful relationship with Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.  Through study of its language and culture and through teaching student activism on Israel’s behalf, we cultivate a deep connection to the unfolding Jewish history and future.